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When Are Mini-Sessions Available?

Another question I get a lot is: do you have mini-sessions coming up? The answer is yes, always... if you come to West Seattle where I'm based. My rates and packages are based on travel distance from West Seattle. Basically, the farther I have to drive, the more expensive the session will be regardless of the length of the session. For seasonal things like cherry blossoms and fall colors, I will offer a few pre-scheduled mini-session dates for locations outside of West Seattle.

If you'd like a mini-session outside of West Seattle there are two options:

1) Get a couple friends/family members to sign up for mini-session too at the same location, and around the same time. My minimum for travel is one full session or two back-to-back mini-sessions.

2) Have a flexible schedule. I can let you know if I'll be traveling somewhere on a certain date and if that date, time and location (or another location on my travel route) works for you, I can schedule a mini for you. This is only dependent on my travel and doesn't guarantee your mini-session if my travel plans are canceled. If you'd like this 'stand-by' option, follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I'll announce if I'll be traveling somewhere.

Back to West Seattle... What kind of places do we have here for photos? There are many pretty places in West Seattle for photos. Just let me know what type of setting you'd like (i.e. woods, beach, mountain views, flowers) and I'll recommend some locations.

There are many beaches from Alki to Lincoln Park with views of the Olympic Mountains, and the ferry (very PNW), and lots of beautiful sunsets on the beach:

Amazing views of Mt. Rainier when the sky clear:

So many views of the Seattle city skyline, including the iconic Space Needle:

Lots of wooded settings at Lincoln Park with big trees, evergreens, and lush ferns:

Tall grassy fields with wildflowers in the spring at South Seattle College Arboretum and Westcrest Park:

Spectacular fall colors:

Cherry blossoms in the spring:

Flower gardens in the spring and summer:


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