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What to Wear for Photos in the Fall and Winter

We've had a really beautiful mild fall so far with T-shirt temperatures, but now it's sweater weather. Make sure you and your family dress warmly and comfortably for your photo session, especially if it's early in the morning when temperatures can hover around freezing. If your kid is one of those kids who run around all winter in a T-shirt and is totally fine with it, cool. But if your kid gets cold easily then add layers (thermal underwear, long johns, or whatever T-shirts/leggings you already have) under the clothes that you want to show up in the photos. Many kids don't like change so if they come to the session all warm and cozy in their neon green puffy coat then they're not likely to want to take it off - at least not without some grumpiness.

Warm, comfortable waterproof shoes are also important since sometimes we need to walk over wet squishy muddy ground to get to our photo spots. If your kid got new shoes, it's a good idea to test out the shoes before the photo session to make sure the shoes are comfortable for walking (I've made that mistake before with my kid) especially if we're at a location where some walking is required.

And don't stress out or feel like you need to spend a lot of money to get the perfect matching sweaters or boots. Ask your friends, neighbors, and local buy-nothing-groups to borrow items, especially if it's something you'd only wear for the photos. Consignment and thrift shops are also great places to look. I have some photogenic clothing and shoes my kids have outgrown that I'm happy to lend for the photos too.


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