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What Happens if it Rains?

As we head into a week of solid rain, I figured it's a good time for a blog entry about the question that comes up the most:

What happens if it rains?

If your schedule is flexible we can reschedule to another day as long as I'm available and you've paid for the session (full amount due for a mini-session, deposit amount for a full one-hour session). Since the weather in the Pacific Northwest can be quite dynamic, and can change quickly within a day or even a few hours, it's helpful if you can be flexible and ready to go at short notice. If you're scheduled for a Saturday, keep the Sunday open in case Saturday is rainy and Sunday is dry. If you can be available on a weekday, even better because sometimes the only dry days happen to be weekdays.

If you absolutely can't reschedule, and an in-home session is not an option, (i.e. you have family members who are only available on a specific date), here are several options:

1) We just go ahead. I'm fine shooting in almost any weather conditions as long as you're comfortable with the weather. Just make sure everyone is dressed comfortably and have waterproof shoes. Being under tree cover can help a lot. Mid-tone neutral colors and some non-distracting prints are great for hiding water drops.

2) I'll bring my clear umbrellas for you to use.

3) We relocate to a covered outdoor location or indoor public location. Downtown Seattle has lots of covered spaces with lots of natural light such as the Paccar Pavilion at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Depending on where you and your family can go, I'll have location recommendations.

4) You can rent an indoor photography studio from places like Peerspace and AirBnB. This is a good option if you have family coming from out of town for the photos and they're available for only one day, and you don't want to risk bad weather with an outdoor session.


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