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January Surprise Elopement

I'm happy to finally be able to share this gallery (after announcements had been made). Back at the end of January, I got a call from my good friend who asked vaguely if I was available in a few days for a photoshoot... which turned out to be his courthouse elopement. I said excitedly, 'um, yes, of course, you do know what I do, right?' I asked the bride what she would like for her bouquet and she said just red and cream colored flowers. I found some red conebushes and pincushion proteas for the bouquet that not only matched the bride's Kenyan dress but are also flowers commonly grown in South/East Africa. After their courthouse ceremony that included their beloved brittany, we headed out to nearby Richmond Beach for some quintessential PNW grey sky and light rain photos, and ended the day in downtown Seattle.


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